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Sammy the seal plush toy
  • Sammy The Seal plush toy - Shore Buddies

    Introducing Sammy the Seal, a plush toy from Shore Buddies that's helping to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. This ocean friendly product is made using six recycled plastic bottles, making it environmentally conscious and socially responsible. When you press Sammy, you'll hear the authentic sound of a real seal making this toy both fun and educational on learning about marine life.


    Not only is Sammy adorable with his distinctively soft fur, but he also supports an important mission: keeping plastics out of our oceans. Unfortunately, seals can become entangled in all sorts of dangerous trash items like plastic bags, resulting in severe injuries and even death. That’s why Sammy only gives his Seal of Approval to reusable shopping bags because we have to protect our precious marine life!


    When you adopt Sammy the Seal into your home, join the Shore Buddies mission in doing your part to save our oceans and educate younger generations on the dangers of plastic for marine life.  You’ll be glad knowing you’re reducing plastic use while bringing joy into your family!

    • Shipping Information:

      This product will ship within 1-4 business days of the order being placed. 

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