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Tanger Outlets Hilton Head: A Shopper's Paradise

Mermaid of Hilton Head Retail store in Tanger 2 Hilton Head
Mermaid of Hilton Head Retail store in Tanger 2 Hilton Head

Tanger Outlets Hilton Head is situated near Hilton Head Island. It provides shoppers with a wide range of popular brands and designer outlets. The outlet mall is a must visit for anyone looking for a shopping spree. It has over 80 stores spread across two sprawling complexes.

A Shopper's Dream Come True

Tanger Outlets Hilton Head is the perfect place for shoppers to indulge in retail therapy. With a wide variety of stores to choose from, there's something for everyone here. Some of the most popular brands include Coach, Kate Spade, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, among others.

In addition to offering a diverse selection of stores, Tanger Outlets Hilton Head is designed with shopper convenience in mind. The mall's layout is easy to navigate, with wide walkways and ample signage to help visitors find their way around.

Mermaid of Hilton Head Store

The Mermaid of Hilton Head Retail store is located in Tanger 2.

We have an extensive selection of products inspired by the ocean and mermaids. From mermaid tails and clothing to plush toys, candles, and more, the Mermaid of Hilton Head has something for everyone.

The store also offers a range of mermaid and ocean themed home decor, including candles, picture frames, and wall art. These items are perfect for adding a touch of the ocean to your home, creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

Overall, the Mermaid of Hilton Head is a must visit destination for anyone who loves mermaids and the ocean.

Savings Galore

One of the biggest draws of Tanger Outlets Hilton Head is the incredible discounts shoppers can find. Factory stores are offering up to 50% off retail prices. Visitors can take advantage of this to save money on their favorite brands and designer items. The outlet mall also hosts seasonal sales events, with even more significant discounts available during holidays and other special occasions.

Tanger Outlets Hilton Head also offers a free TangerClub membership, which provides shoppers with access to exclusive perks and savings. Members receive a free coupon book. It contains hundreds of dollars in savings, special offers from participating stores, and other benefits. This is a great way to save even more on already discounted prices.

More Than Just Shopping

Shopping is the main draw to Tanger Outlets Hilton Head. However, the outlet mall provides other activities and services for visitors. Enjoyment is guaranteed!

There are many eateries in the complex. These range from restaurants to cafes. Shoppers have a variety of options for dining and snacking. This makes their visit more enjoyable.

With its vast selection of stores, unbeatable discounts, and convenient location, Tanger Outlets Hilton Head is a shopper's paradise. If you love fashion, you can find the latest designer trends at this outlet mall. For those who are budget conscious, there are plenty of deals available.

No matter your style or budget, there is something for everyone at this outlet mall. So, next time you're on Hilton Head Island, be sure to stop by Tanger Outlets Hilton Head for a shopping experience you won't soon forget.

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