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Discover the Magic of Hilton Head Boat Tours

Join us on one of our unique adventures only on Hilton Head Island!

Tourists know Hilton Head Island in South Carolina for its clean coastal waters. It also has diverse wildlife, including bald eagles and Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Hilton Head Island salt marshes provide a unique ecosystem that everyone loves to enjoy.

Dolphin watching and nature cruises are becoming popular in this area. It may be hard to decide which one is right for you. Something you should know before making the decision: one dolphin cruise is not like the others. Dolphin tours can vary, so it is important to know the facts before booking your day out on the water.


Many travelers like to book their nature cruises while they are booking their vacation rentals. This is something we advise as we do book up in advance and cannot always guarantee space for walk-in guests. This is why your online research is so important! You don’t want to be the one who makes the decision that disappoints your whole family. 

pelican flying over ocean

We are going to tell you what makes our Hilton Head boat tours the best on the island. 


First thing is first, our dolphin tour is not a just dolphin tour at all. Consider it an immersive experience! Dolphin watching isn't the only thing that our Hilton Head boat tours offer.


​You can learn the names of the dolphins you see. You can also learn how to distinguish them. Additionally, you can experience what a dolphin feels like. You can see a dolphin skull up close. Lastly, you can hear the sounds that dolphins make (or don't make)! 

Our boat is Coast Guard inspected and fully covered for your comfort, especially during hot summer days. The boat is a pontoon boat that can hold up to 24 people. Also handicap accessible and low to water for optimal viewing. 


Come visit us at our new spot at Broad Creek Marina, much closer to Harbour Town Lighthouse.


Now easier to see this Hilton Head landmark on our tours. We don't offer a sunset dinner cruise. However, you can still enjoy a sunset cruise with us. Afterward, you can have dinner at Broad Creek Marina. The marina has some excellent restaurant choices. 


If you have a larger party and don’t want to share your experience with other guests, we also offer private charter options. ​We don't have fishing or dinner cruises right now, but feel free to bring your own food and coolers on board.


Now, let's discuss our Award-winning Mermaid Encounter Tour. 


Keep scrolling to read more about our nature tours. Our Mermaid Tour runs mid-May through mid-September.

​Mermaid Encounter Boat Tours are unique and will give you a magical experience during your vacation.


Kids will love it, but adults are sure to become inspired and consumed by fairy tale magic as well. The girls are not the only ones who love this tour. Boys enchant by scaring off our evil villain, Professor Al G. 

You will need more than a water cannon to scare off the Professor, though. Stinky Pete has nothing on Professor Al G. The Professor has been at this villain thing for a long time and needs the help of some mermaid magic to be scared off. If you do well, you will get an Ocean Ambassador Badge. 

On Mermaid Encounter boat tours, you can see dolphins swimming near Mermaid Nina, who they see as part of their group, or pod. Watching dolphins is a popular activity on our tours, but we can't promise you'll see them on our mermaid tours.

New this year, we are also now offering a fireworks cruise.

Experience the magic of Hilton Head Island like never with our Tuesday night Fireworks Cruise.Continue a beautiful boat ride along the coast and watch an amazing fireworks show light up the sky at night. Available from June 11 to August 20, this experience offers great views and lasting memories for all passengers. Don't miss your chance to make Tuesday nights truly special this summer on Hilton Head Island.

One of our most popular Hilton Head boat tours


Is our Dolphin watching Tour. Embark on an intimate adventure with our covered pontoon boat Dolphin Tour in Hilton Head. With seating for up to 24 passengers, enjoy the comfort of shade as you cruise the serene waters.


Witness playful dolphins in their natural habitat as our expert guides share fascinating insights about these majestic creatures. A perfect blend of relaxation and excitement awaits you on this journey through Hilton Head's pristine coastal waters.

We have designed all our boat tours to be family friendly and with kids in mind. Embark on a memorable Hilton Head boat tour designed with kids in mind! Our engaging and educational experience combines the thrill of wildlife sightings with interactive props to captivate young minds.

Join our family-friendly boat tour with guides who teach kids about dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles using fun props. Enjoy learning about marine life! See their happy faces as they discover interesting animals and enjoy the beauty of Hilton Head's coastal waters. Join us for a journey that's as entertaining as it is enlightening for the whole family!

Last but not least, let's discuss our Sunset Cruises. 

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Hilton Head Island's sunset aboard our enchanting sunset cruise. Set sail on serene waters as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with vibrant hues of orange and pink.

Relax and unwind with your loved ones against the stunning backdrop of coastal scenery and have a great time. The perfect way to end your day in paradise. Join us for a memorable evening on Hilton Head's waterway.

How long are our dolphin, sunset and fireworks excursions?

All our tours leave from the Broad Creek Marina on Hilton Head Island and are 90-120 minutes long. You can book online or visit our FAQ page if you have a question about something we haven’t covered. 

Dolphin watching and nature cruises on our Hilton Head Island salt marshes must not be boring. We make them fun by taking a boat tour and turning it into an immersive experience. Be sure to reserve your spot now so you can see our local wildlife and have a thrilling adventure!

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