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shark tooth Experience

How to find Shark Teeth in Hilton Head with our Shark Tooth Experience

Pan for shark teeth with our Shark Tooth Experience.

This experience is available at our retail store in Tanger 2 Outlets


Bag: $13.95

About this experience

  • Pan for real shark teeth

  • Get a bag of sand and shark teeth

  • 10 - 15 Shark Teeth per a bucket

  • Can be added to any of our boat tours

  • Can be done on its own at our retail store

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is known for being a place where people who like to find things have some great luck. Hilton Head Island hides all sorts of treasures underneath that murky water, from civil war memorabilia to Megalodon teeth. 

At least twenty different species of sharks call Hilton Head Island “home”. Port Royal Sound is thought to be a popular breeding region for great white sharks as well, and historically, Megalodons swam right through the low country before it was low! 


With all of this shark activity and history it is no wonder shark teeth are scattered about Hilton Head Island. However, these teeth are not easy to find unless you have invented a device that makes it possible to see under the murkiest of water. 


If you want to find sharks teeth in Hilton Head, you have to put on your dive gear, sink to the dark bottom of the water, and then feel through the mud until you feel something that might be a shark tooth. Owning a Megalodon tooth can be a bragging right, but getting your finger caught in a stone crab’s claw is probably not worth the risk!


“I want to know how to find shark teeth in Hilton Head!” Is something we hear a lot from our guests. We love our guests and would never want them to get injured from critters in our dark murky water, while they are trying to find shark teeth. 


No worries! We’ve got you covered! Sift for shark teeth from the safety of dry land in clear water you can see through on our Shark Tooth Experience. The best part about our Shark Tooth Experience is that there aren’t any stone crabs that will snag your finger!


So, how can you make this happen? Well, you can either add-on the Shark Tooth Experience when you book our Dolphin Experience Boat Tour, Sunset Cruise, or Mermaid Encounter Boat Tour, or you can purchase a Shark Tooth Experience at Hilton Head Harbor Marina without the purchase of one of our boat tours.


What is more fun than sifting for real shark teeth from a variety of shark species while on your Hilton Head Island vacation? Once you are done sifting, you get to keep the shark teeth you find as the perfect souvenir from the fun time you just had. 


Kids love this experience and the wonder they have to see what they might have in combination with their excitement makes their parents happy too!


The Shark Tooth Experience is $12.95 per bucket. Each bucket is filled with sand, sediment, and of course, shark teeth! That’s right! You are guaranteed to find shark teeth during our Shark Tooth Experience and you won’t be leaving without a souvenir from one of the top predators on Hilton Head Island! 


What’s next? Take your bucket out to the dock overlooking the water right to our sifter barrel. There you will get to pour the contents of your bucket into the sifter gradually until you have sifted through the whole bucket. Once you have found all of your shark teeth, you get to bag them up and take them home!


Sometimes you will have an audience. Stretch, our resident Great Blue Heron, sometimes likes to watch while people sift for shark teeth. He is very curious about people’s excitement and will sometimes even pose for his close up! (Just make sure you get his good side!)


Well what are you waiting for? Be sure to book your Shark Tooth Experience now or stop by Hilton Head Harbor Marina and find sharks teeth on Hilton Head Island the safe way!

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