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Mermaid Photography - Turn into a Mermaid Gallery

Become a mermaid and make your dreams come true


Mermaid photography is not just a photography session. Mermaid photography is unique in that it offers you the magical experience of turning into a mermaid while leaving you with magical memories of the fun you had for years to come.

Nothing beats turning into a mermaid during a mermaid shoot. Experience what it feels like to be a goddess of the sea in a mermaid tail. Our photography sessions extend to friends and family members, too. 


We offer Mommy and Me mermaid sessions, MERternity mermaid sessions, mermen sessions, bachelorette party sessions, and these are also great for siblings and friends. There is no age limit on turning into a mermaid for our mermaid photography sessions. We have had mermaids as young as 3 weeks old, we provide a clam shell for the guppies, of course, and our oldest mermaid was 80 years young. 

We don’t just turn you into a mermaid for these mermaid photo shoots. We also treat you like a sea goddess. We make you feel comfortable throughout the whole session. As you can imagine, posing in a tail can sometimes be intimidating. We help with posing to make sure you always look your best, we call that mermazing. 

Not only do you get to experience what it feels like to be a mermaid during our mermaid photography sessions, but the icing on the cake is that you get photos preserving these mermazing memories for years to come. The last thing you want to do is forget what a magical experience you had, and having photos to show friends and family insure that you never forget your special experience. 


We offer several purchase options, from prints and wall art, to digital products. Our mermaid photography sessions put no limits on how you express yourself with the art you just created. Our most popular purchases are our digital download packages which is where you can purchase your photos in bundles as high resolution digital downloads that you can save to your device right from your gallery. 


These packages also include the rights to the images you select, meaning you can take them anywhere you want to get them printed. We use a professional lab for our printed products which makes them a bit more expensive, however, the product is always worth it. 


We do caution that if you purchase the digital downloads from your mermaid photography session and get them printed elsewhere, we cannot guarantee the quality of those prints. Some print products from other labs botch the coloring, or add graininess to the photo which we cannot control. 


Overall, turning into a mermaid during one of our mermaid photography sessions is so much fun and you won’t regret it. It is one of the best activities to do with friends or family and you will be talking about it for such a long time, treasuring your memories for years to come.

Photography Experiences

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Bachelorette Mermaid Photoshoot
Beach mermaid photoshoot
Pirate Photoshoot

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