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Axolotl Phone Case
  • Axolotl Phone Case: Whimsical Protection for iPhone 7-14 & Beyond

    Channel the unique charm of axolotls with our Axolotl Phone Case. Designed especially for iPhone 7 through 14 & other models, this case isn't just about cuteness but also formidable protection. A fusion of durable polycarbonate and cushioned rubber lining promises impact resistance, ensuring your phone's safety. Its glossy finish vividly portrays the enchanting axolotl, making it a conversation starter. Plus, the case is tailored for wireless charging. Discover our size options and let your device radiate with aquatic allure.

    • Product Information:

      • Materials: Polycarbonate shell with rubber lining. 
      • Impact Resistance and shock dispersion
      • Glossy finish 
      • Supports wireless charging 
    • Shipping Information:

      * This product will ship within 1-4 business days of the order being placed.
      * If you order multiple items they may ship on different days. 

    $29.95 Regular Price
    $20.97Sale Price
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