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Mermaid Nina Necklace
  • Mermaid Nina Necklace

    Welcome the Mermaid Nina Necklace to your wardrobe! For both adults and kids, this beautifully crafted piece makes a great statement that’s perfect for any occasion. This necklace is just like the one Mermaid Nina wears everyday. 


    The pendant is made of natural walnut wood embedded alongside vintage turquoise hue resin, giving an earthy look while still being stylishly simple. The Koru spiral shape is based on an unfurling fern frond. A common symbol in Māori art, the Koru represents new life, creation, and growth. Wood and resin patterning will vary. The cord is made of faux suede with gold shimmer, making it eco-friendly with a silver plated colored twist barrel clasp in the back.


    Available in 2 sizes. Youth - 14” in length and Adult - 19” in length

    • Product Information:

      • Youth - 14 inches
      • Adult - 19 inches
    • Shipping Information:

      * This product will ship within 1-4 business days of the order being placed.
      * If you order multiple items they may ship on different days. 

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