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mermaid of Hilton Head mermaid decal
  • Mermaid of Hilton Head Auto-Graphs Auto Mermaid Decal

    Add some flair to your car with the Mermaid of Hilton Head Auto-Graphs Automotive Mermaid Decal! Show off your love and support for the local area with a stylish and eye-catching decal. Our decals are completely unique and sure to turn heads wherever you go.


    Everything about this mermaid decal is top quality, only using exterior grade vinyl that is knife cut and rated for a 3 to 5 year outdoor life! This means each sticker will last and look great no matter where you put it on your car. Plus, there's no clear background, this allows the whole decal to stick to the window without any trouble.

    • Shipping Information:

      * This product will ship within 1-4 business days of the order being placed.
      * If you order multiple items they may ship on different days. 

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