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"Positive Inspirations" Coloring Book by Angelea Van Dam

"Positive Inspirations" Coloring Book by Angelea Van Dam

Rediscover optimism with "Positive Inspirations". Brought to life by Angelea Van Dam, this 80-page coloring book
envelops you in uplifting messages and heartening words. Delve into intricate designs, guided by included shading
tips and finished examples, and let positivity flow through your hues.

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    * This product will ship within 1-4 business days of the order being placed.
    * If you order multiple items they may ship on different days. 

  • Product Information

    Reassuring, intricately designed drawings from artist Angelea Van Dam. Escape to a world of positive sentiments, hopeful messages and encouraging words as you color the stress away. Finished examples are provided with a guide to basic patterning and shading combinations. Paperback. 80 pages.

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