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Unicorn Horn Airbrushed Bath Bomb
  • Unicorn Horn Airbrushed Bath Bomb

    Experience bath magic with the Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb. Expertly airbrushed, this bath bomb releases a radiant cascade of bright colors, conjuring the enchantment of mythical realms in your tub. The delectably sweet aroma of juicy peaches wafts around you, ensuring a delightful, dreamy soak. Each bath bomb is thoughtfully shrink-wrapped using eco-friendly film and clearly labeled, detailing its premium ingredients. Unwind, and let the unicorn magic embrace you.

    • Product Information

      Bath bombs are airbrushed and packed with embeds to release bright colours creating beautiful bath art.

      Fragrance description: deliciously sweet notes of juicy peaches.

      Additional Info:
      Bath bombs are individually shrink wrapped with biodegradable film and labeled with ingredients.

    • Shipping Information

      This product will ship within 1-4 business days of the order being placed.

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