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6 Reasons to Book a Hilton Head Cruise

Are you part of the 2.5 million people planning to visit Hilton Head Island this year?

If so, you should be thinking of booking a Hilton Head Cruise!

The island is a paradise blessed with white sandy beaches and leafy walkways. Anywhere you explore, you will come across the best of mother nature. Even out on the open water, you can admire the sparkling Atlantic Ocean and the United States East Coast.

A cruise is the best way to discover all that Hilton Head Island can offer.

Below, we explain the top 6 reasons why uncovering the island by boat is an unmissable experience.

1. You Can Witness Dolphins

The dolphin tour is a haven for animal lovers. However, everyone will enjoy a fun-filled day out at sea.

Experts estimate there are between 75,000 and 80,000 dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean. Around 400 nomadic Atlantic bottlenose dolphins swim in the waters near Hilton Head Island. Therefore, you will always have an opportunity to spot them.

Witnessing dolphins is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Luckily with our Hilton Head Dolphin Cruise, you can view the sea creatures in their habitat.

On top of seeing one of the world's cleverest mammals, our tour guide will educate you on them. You'll understand the difference between the species and how to tell them apart.

The 75-minute nature cruise will arguably be the best education lesson you've ever received!

2. You Can Sit Back and Relax

Even though you get an action-packed day at sea, you can still sit back and relax.

Hilton Head has a warm temperate climate. That means the summers are hot and sunny while the winters are mild and cloudy.

Fortunately, our boats were designed with comfort in mind. So you can rest and unwind at any period throughout the year.

Our boats have a covered roof to keep the sun off during the warm months. Additionally, the refreshing sea breeze will keep you feeling cool. Our padded seats are enough to make anyone feel relaxed for the entire journey.

You can also bring your favorite drinks and snacks onboard. So you can enjoy the natural beauty with an ice-cold drink in one hand and a camera in the other.

Please be careful with your rubbish. We don't want any to enter the ocean and damage the environment.

3. Admire the Breathtaking Scenery

The Palmetto State is known for its trees and wildlife. There are seven national parks here and plenty more nature and wildlife reserves. Therefore, it is no surprise that you can expect to admire breathtaking nature on a boat tour, including bald eagles.

Exploring the coast and woodlands on foot is stunning. But viewing them from the water gives a new perspective and perfect angles for photos.

You can't see the entire picture when you're in the middle of the action and exploring on foot. On our boat tours, you can admire miles of coastline at once. You also feel more connected with nature when surrounded by water.

Be sure to charge your camera for endless deserved likes on social media platforms.

4. A Hilton Head Cruise Is Suitable for Everyone

Hilton Head Island has some fantastic bars and clubs, but it's not something for those with kids. There is even a Children's Museum. However, it is not on any older teen or adult's to-do list.

A Hilton Head Cruise Tour is suitable for children, senior citizens, and anyone in between. The entire family can enjoy a fun and relaxing day out together. And make happy memories you can talk about for years to come.

The preference of your activities doesn't matter. That's because onboard the boat, you can do anything from relaxing with a drink to snapping photos of nature and wildlife.

5. There's a Wide Range of Activities Onboard

A boat tour or a cruise is much more than just sailing out at sea. We cater to special events with private charters, Halloween tour, or even an elf expedition.

Nonetheless, our mermaid experience steals the show.

Our first event lets you turn into a mermaid. It is popular with bachelorette parties, but anyone can participate in the fun. Turning into a mermaid alongside your bridesmaids will make an unforgettable experience. You will even receive a professional photoshoot to remember your special day.

If you're traveling with young kids, why not try to encounter a mermaid?

It's recommended for those aged between two and ten. Everyone will receive bubble wands for a bubble battle against the evil professor Al G. And name tags that can transform into wildflowers.

6. Watch the Sun Set Below the Horizon

There is no better way to end your vacation than watching the sunset from the sea. Luckily, that's what you can do after booking our sunset cruise in Hilton Head.

Our sunset boat tours are the most popular, and with good reasons. Not only is it a spectacular sight to behold, but it also comes with psychological benefits.

The quiet and relaxed space is good for your mental health, which can lower stress or anxiety levels. Taking a break from the stresses of life is one of the biggest reasons to take a vacation.

Our tours set sail during the golden hour. The photography term to describe the last hour before sundown. It's the perfect time to capture images as the sun is lower and projects the optimum lighting.

That way, you're guaranteed to witness the sundown, and you can take magical photos while doing so.

Book Your Hilton Head Cruise Today

Hilton Head Island is the crown jewel in South Carolina. Its charming town and laid-back atmosphere make it an unforgettable experience. But if you're lucky enough to visit the island, you should make the most of it with a boat tour.

There are several benefits and reasons to choose a boat cruise. After reading this article, you know them and why you should venture out to sea with your friends or family.

All that's left is to book your Hilton Head cruise in advance. So you can take advantage of our latest offers online.

Dolphin swimming at sunset in Hilton Head
Sunset Dolphin Cruise Hilton Head

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