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Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas for the best weekend

This Bachelorette party idea won’t let you down!

Fun bachelorette party ideas can be easy to find, however the last thing you want when you are planning a good time with the bride tribe is to be labeled as cliche when you plan a theme party in Las Vegas like everyone else. Sure, clubbing in Las Vegas and tipsy traipsing through New Orleans are great, but they've been done.

If you are the maid of honor, then you know that finding fun bachelorette party ideas is all up to you. With so many great ideas out there, finding the right ones can be overwhelming. Sure, Las Vegas has some great ideas for a good time, but if you’re not into pole dancing, comedy clubs, and the strip club, it might be time to mix things up a bit.

As we all know, there can be a lot of pressure as the maid of honor to plan the perfect bachelorette party. Sometimes it can even feel like planning the bachelorette party can be just as time consuming as the wedding planning itself.

With so many fun bachelorette party ideas out there, it is hard to find just the right one. No need for a scavenger hunt to find the perfect party idea. We can simplify this process! Let us take the stress away and give you all the ideas you need to put your planning stresses at ease.

As the maid of honor, it is time to take a break from the wedding planning, get the bride tribe together, book a hotel room in Hilton Head, and book one of the most fun and unique bachelorette party ideas you could dream of! Bring the bride tribe to the beach and turn everyone into mermaids with our Turn into a Mermaid Bachelorette Experience and Photoshoot.

Turning into mermaids for a bachelorette party is one of the most fun activities in existence and is sure to show everyone in your party a good time, getting you some serious maid of honor points! While the wedding day hovers, turning into a mermaid on the beach with some of your besties is the best thing to take your mind off of the stresses of wedding planning.

The bride will be fitted for a beautiful white tail with the option of a white flower crown and the bride tribe will be fitted for colorful tails of their own! Then, the photoshoot begins. As expected, turning into a mermaid can feel a bit awkward and unnatural, so we are here to help with posing to make everyone look and feel their best.

The photos we take soon become treasured memories once the photography session is over and make a great addition to any wedding album. Make sure the bride is wearing her engagement ring for the session as well, so we can get some close up shots of her ring.

While this Turn into a Mermaid Bachelorette Experience and photoshoot may not be the typical party atmosphere of most parties, you still get to go home with party favors as everyone participating in the session will receive a free starfish hair clip as a fun souvenir of your session.

While you’re in Hilton Head turning into mermaids, why not make a weekend of it? You already booked the hotel room, right? Hilton Head is a great place for all of the classic bachelorette party ideas to throw into the mix as well. You know that spa day everyone always talks about? Hilton Head has quite the selection of spas for your pre-mermaid photoshoot fun to make everyone looking and feeling their best before they get in front of the camera.

Brides always want to feel and look their best for their wedding and a spa day is the perfect way to make her hopes and dreams come true. For the bride who is looking for a more low-key wellness getaway to make her feel amazing and confident on her wedding day, Hilton Head Island may be just the right place to make that happen. Not to mention, everyone will look and feel amazing during their Turn into a Mermaid Bachelorette experience and photoshoot as well.

Once the photo session has ended, it’s time for some great food and maybe some ice cream too! Hilton Head won’t let you down. With over 250 restaurants to choose from, Hilton Head has anything you could possible crave. Whether you like seafood, Italian cuisine, Chinese food, fine cuisine, or even just a classic burger, Hilton Head has it all.

No bachelorette party ideas would be complete without some tipsy fun during your getaway. While Las Vegas is known for its crowded bars and nightclubs, Hilton Head offers a much more relaxed, laid back environment for your tipsy adventures. However, Hilton Head also offers a surprisingly trendy night life scene. With plenty of bars to choose from, some even right on the water, the crowds are minimal compared to Las Vegas and New Orleans, leaving less time to fighting through crowds and more time can be had having good quality fun.

Hilton Head also has its very own winery if you are in to wine tasting. The Island Winery is a great place to try out some locally made Hilton Head wine and it is a great, laid back atmosphere. The Island Winery offers unique flavors such as Peach on the Beach, Blueberry, Harvest White, and other popular options you won’t find anywhere else. The icing on the cake? Right next door is the Hilton Head Distillery if you are more of a rum and vodka drinker, be sure to walk over there and check out our local Hilton Head Island spirits!

If you happened to book the hotel room for a second evening, be sure to check out our Sunset Cruise for your “Last sail before the veil” out on the water. Leaving out of Hilton Head Harbor Marina, it is a great option for a relaxing evening and offers something different than your traditional night of clubbing.

This 90 minute boat tour takes you through the salt marshes of the low country to see wildlife, relax, and end your day in the most perfect way imaginable. Alcohol is permitted on the boat as well, so you can have a fun night out while still being low key, and watching the sun set over the island while you are surrounded by dolphins. Be sure to bring your camera, as the low country can become very colorful, filling the sky with bright oranges, pinks, purples, and reds, making for a photo opportunity you won’t want to miss!

While Hilton Head may not offer your cliche comedy clubs, scavenger hunt, or cooking class, it is still a perfect place to make all of your bachelorette party ideas come to life. Hilton Head is no Las Vegas, but is is one of the best places to make your fun bachelorette party ideas come to life. After all, comedy clubs and pole dancing are overrated, and who needs all those lights when you have the stars and the moon reflecting off the ocean at night? Be different and give the bride a unique and meaningful experience she will remember forever.

So before the wedding day, take a weekend to relax and have fun and let Hilton Head Island, in partnership with our Turn into a Mermaid Bachelorette Experience and Photoshoot, make you the best maid of honor in existence by planning the best weekend ever, filled with fun activities, great food, and one of the best bachelorette party ideas to be found anywhere in the world.

You can’t beat a spa day, then a turn into a mermaid bachelorette experience and photoshoot followed by great food and ice cream and some tipsy adventures combined with a sunset cruise on the water! It will surely make your bachelorette weekend a dream come true for everyone involved and you will be sure to win the “best maid of honor” award!

People turning into a mermaids on the beach in Hilton Head

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