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One of the best dolphin tours Hilton Head has to offer

Hilton Head Island dolphin tours are one of the most popular things to do on Hilton Head Island and we understand why! With over 170 residential Atlantic bottlenose dolphins who live here year-round and over 400 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins who pass through Hilton Head, dolphin sightings are very common.

While most dolphin cruises are fun, we provide a unique, exciting experience that includes dolphins and learning. Our Dolphin Experience Boat Tour is no ordinary dolphin tour.

We love the Harbour Town Lighthouse and Daufuskie Island as much as the next person, however our focus is 100% of the wildlife of the low country. Our Eco Tour is focused on bringing you up close and personal to our Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and other awesome wildlife such as bald eagles and sometimes even sea turtles and manatees.

Our tour guide knows the dolphins individually and is able to identify most of them by their dorsal fins. This allows us to introduce them to you so you get to know our Atlantic bottlenose dolphins on a more close and personal level.

We may even come across Stu, one of our local male Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. This dolphin watches people just as much as people watch him. Our tour guide will be sure to point him out if you see him.

Our Dolphin Experience Boat Tour is the best eco tour on the island for one simple reason: the experience. Our dolphin tour is not just about the dolphin sightings, it is about dolphins and learning about them and the wildlife here in Hilton Head. We also have fun props on the boat so you can experience what a dolphin feels like, see a dolphin skull, and also see how closely a dolphin’s pectoral flipper is to your own hand!

In addition to these fun props, our boat is also one of a kind pontoon boat. It is fully covered and low to the water so you really can get up close and personal with our Atlantic bottlenose dolphins on our dolphin tour.

If you are more into bird watching, we often see bald eagles while we are enjoying dolphin sightings. We have a Great Blue Heron who lives at the dock of the marina who often welcomes guests onto our boat, and we also see a lot of egrets. Occasionally we will even see osprey nesting and even spoonbills and wood storks. Your tour guide will point them out as you come across them.

We leave from Hilton Head Harbor Marina. Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins are wild animals and it is illegal to harass them. For this reason, we usually stay away from Broad Creek, Daufuskie Island, and Harbour Town Lighthouse as these areas are regularly heavy with boat traffic and dolphins in these areas can become easily stressed out by too many boats.

You don’t get to see the dolphins up close and personal if they are stressed out by the boat you are aboard. This is why we give them space and respect so they will feel comfortable enough with us to come up to the boat and introduce themselves to you.

We do not offer a fireworks cruise at this time, but if you are looking for an evening dolphin tour, we also offer a Sunset Cruise. Our sunset cruise takes you across the low country salt marsh with a beautiful sunset as your backdrop. Dolphin sightings are common at this time of day as well, making it one of the most popular Hilton Head Island dolphin tours.

We understand there are a lot of dolphin tours Hilton Head has to offer and it can be difficult deciding which one will be the best for you and your party. We offer a truly unique, exciting, and adventurous eco tour that qualifies as one of the best dolphin cruises on the island and if you don’t believe us, come out with us and find out for yourself!

People watching dolphins swim on a Hilton Head Dolphin Tour

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