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Do Jellyfish have brains?

Jellyfish don’t have brains, instead, they have a nervous system which keeps them going.

There are several species of jellyfish in Hilton Head:

Cannonball Jellyfish

Four-Handed Box Jellyfish

Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

Moon Jellyfish

Sea Nettle

An adult jellyfish is called a medusa

Jellyfish Educational Video with Snowball


Not all jellyfish sting humans, and out of ones that do sting, not all have venom. This means you may experience pain, but are not in danger.

Four handed box jellyfish are the most venomous species in Hilton Head. They have eyes that are able to see light and shadows.

There are over 200 species, or types of jellyfish in the world.

Jellyfish are important to our ocean’s health and actually help to cool our oceans which is important right now due to warming water temperatures because of climate change.

Salps and Portuguese man-o-war can also be found in Hilton Head and are often thought to be jellyfish, however, they are not.

Jellyfish are invertebrates which means they have no backbone.

Some jellyfish don’t die unless they are eaten by a predator.

orange jellyfish

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