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7 Water Sports to Try on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is a town situated along beautiful coastal South Carolina. It offers plenty of opportunities for fun, leisure, and relaxation.

It's a town with a population of just 38,000 people, but it brings in tourists from all over. Perhaps the biggest attraction for the area is the plethora of water sports that you can participate in.

Here are a few of the activities you can try out the next time you're planning a trip down south.

1. Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the more popular water sports that you'll find in any beach town. It's an activity that lets you float above the water so that you can take in views and scenery.

Since the town is home to several beaches, you'll be able to appreciate breathtaking vantage points that you otherwise couldn't receive. Your kite is pulled by a boat as you float as high as 500 feet above the water.

It's a thrill that you can only get at the beach, and Hilton Head Island offers plenty of opportunities to partake.

2. Swimming

This is also a great town to visit if you love swimming in all of its varieties. Whether you decide to catch some waves in the Atlantic Ocean or take a dip at your resort pool.

Pack several bathing suits and pack your beach towel for your trip, because Hilton Head Island gets plenty of sunshine and the water is always right. Swimming is a type of exercise that is filled with peace, relaxation, and serenity, which is perfect for any vacation environment.

At the same time, it's a total-body workout that tones your muscles and builds flexibility and coordination. It's easy on the joints, so you can swim to your heart's content every day of your vacation if you'd like.

This is an excellent way to start your mornings so that you're in a positive mental state.

3. Taking a Cruise

Boats are a constant when you're on Hilton Head Island. You can book a cruise that'll take you around while you just enjoy the water and reflect on life.

Dolphin Tours are among the most popular options for vacationers at Hilton Head Island. When you book in advance, you'll be treated to dolphin watching and a great time. Our friendly knowledgeable Captains and mates will take you in the best island waters around.

It's an outing that the whole family or vacation party can enjoy and comes highly recommended.

4. Jet Skiing

If you're looking for top thrills, you can't go wrong jumping on a watercraft. Jet skiing allows you to zoom along the water at speeds between 40 miles per hour and 70 miles per hour.

It's a sport that requires balance and precision, and is one of the most popular water sport activities in Hilton Head. When you're aboard a jet ski, you feel free and fast as you speed through the water.

You can jump aboard a jet ski that you can rent when you find a company that provides these thrilling watercraft.

5. Windsurfing

You can take in the sights, sounds, and scenery above the water by enjoying a windsurfing excursion.

This sport mixes boat sailing and surfing, and lets you see Hilton Head Island sights from a different perspective. Rather than needing fuel, you'll stand solidly on the board and hold on as the wind guides you along.

It requires some skill, as windsurfing is also a popular competitive sport.

This is one of the more memorable water sports experiences that you can take in on any aquatic vacation. So make sure to book a windsurfing trip with a company that has quality equipment and guidance.

6. Fishing

Few water sports are as relaxing as spending time with nothing but your thoughts and a fishing pole. When you cast your line at one of Hilton Head Island's many fisheries, you can catch bites of tarpon, bass, flounder, trout, and so many other types of fish.

There are plenty of options to explore whether you decide to fish from land, the pier, or a charter boat. Since you're on vacation, you can even rent fishing poles, bait, lures, and tackle equipment. There are also companies that will clean, filet, and even cook your fish so that you don't have to toss them back or wait to enjoy them.

7. Boat Tours

If you want to experience the scenic route of Hilton Head Island, a boat tour is the way to go. A boating professional can help you get around to all of the hotspots while pointing out attractions and explaining the history of Hilton Head Island and the surrounding area.

Look into the tour company that you're interested in booking and learn the itinerary so that you can take it all in with a tour that is well priced and high quality.

Enjoy Water Sports on Hilton Head Island

These water sports are worth your time and effort when you're trying to enjoy your Hilton Head Island vacation. If you love time out with some R&R and aquatics, you can't go wrong with these options.

Mermaid of Hilton Head can help you get the most out of your vacation. If you're ready to book a dolphin cruise or other boat tours, send us a message or call us at (843)271-6441 for more information.

Sun setting over marsh as boat looks on
Sunset Cruise is a great water sport on Hilton Head

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