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Mermaid Books for Kids that they will love

When in search for great mermaid books for kids or even mermaid books in general, it is easy to see how one could feel overwhelmed. With so many different versions of Hans Christian Anderson The Little Mermaid books, it can be difficult to decipher which books children love and which ones they don’t.

Truth is: King Neptune doesn’t have to be in all of the mermaid books for children to love them. We are not saying that Hans Christian Anderson is not worthy of being one of the most recognized names in association with mermaid books for kids. We are simply saying it is time to step out-of-the-box and introduce a new mermaid fairy tale into the bedtime story routine.

Older kids prefer a good chapter book, such as Goldilocks and the tail of Emily Windsnap, and most younger children prefer picture books and even a board book. But what about children who are between picture books and the young adult chapter book? We have some great options for them so they are not excluded amongst the mermaid lovers. You can love mermaids, and love to read about mermaids no matter what your age might be and we are here to make that happen.

As far as mermaid tales go, our first recommendation would very obviously be our series of children’s books. We think these books are some of the best books for kids because they combine education with the fairy tale. Children love the beautiful illustrations and by the end of the book, they are inspired to help our oceans and make a difference.

We have several mermaid books for kids, starting with The Mermaid of Hilton Head, which is a great choice for the kid who loves mermaids. This book takes you on a journey with Mermaid Nina as you learn how she came to live on Hilton Head. If you want to catch a mermaid in the process of saving sea turtles, this book will do the trick. This book’s takeaway is all about respecting our sea turtles, and making small changes to help them thrive.

The second of our mermaid books for kids, and the most popular, is The Mermaid’s Friends. This book is based on the award winning Mermaid Encounter Boat Tour and children are sure to love these mermaid tales. Go on an adventure with Mermaid Nina and her friends, Pinky Plankton and Sailor Scruffy to help save her and her best friend Lily the dolphin from the evil villain, Professor Al G. It is a fun book with a powerful takeaway, and of course: beautiful illustrations.

One of our favorite mermaid books for kids is actually a holiday favorite. Mermaid of Hilton Head: A Christmas Coral is one of the best holiday books for kids. It is one of the best books for bedtime to help you say good night mermaids to your little mermaids. This book also has a message about what harmful chemicals can do to impact our coral reefs and the small. Children will learn what small, simple changes they can make to help save our coral.

Last but not least, Sammy the Sand Dollar may not be in the category of mermaid books, however it is a local favorite and it’s not because of King Neptune!

Sammy is a sand dollar and a character of his own. He teaches kids that sand dollars are living creatures and educates them about why it is important to keep sand dollars in the ocean if you see them on the beach. Children love the beautiful illustrations as well as the fairy tale that is associated with Sammy and his friends. There is even a photo of real sand dollars at the back of the book to help visually decipher the difference between living and dead sand dollars.

With so many options that aren’t picture books or the classic board book or chapter book, it is easy for youth who are in between reading levels to continue to love mermaids, still enjoy beautiful illustrations, and learn about the ocean at the same time. The Mermaid of Hilton Head series are mermaid books for kids that children love and these mermaid tales will live on in your home for generations to come.

We are continuing to publish mermaid books, all focused on different messages around ocean conservation, so please be sure to check back with us on a regular basis. You can also sign up for our e-mail newsletters so you are the first to know when a new book is published.

Mermaid reading a book on the beach

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